What’s coming in 2016?

It’s February 1st, and that means that the newest Whitedell Pride book, Wes, is out on Extasy Books.


And I realized I haven’t made one of those What-I’ll-be-up-to-in-2016 posts, but a few readers had questions for me, so I decided to write one.

*The Whitedell Pride Series. Yes, the series will come to an end this year. I’m kind of sad about it, because the guys have been with me for almost two years and they’re what introduced me to writing, but I feel it’s time. Still, the series will have 26 books in total, and since Wes is book 17, there are still plenty of stories to read. The last book should be out November 1st.

*Gillham Pack Series. This one will go on for a while more. I’m not sure how long yet,  but I have at least ten more couples who want their story to be written. I just finished writing book 10, Merle, yesterday.

*I have vague ideas about a third series set in the Whitedell/Gillham world that will follow the stories of the enforcers. There’s nothing set in stone yet, and I want to finish writing about Whitedell first, but it’s there, on the back burner.


*I’m waiting to hear about another novel I submitted. As for writing, I’m working on a contemporary novel where one of the main characters is a merman. It should be done by the middle of the year. I also plotted a fantasy novel that’s quickly turning into a series, but it’s still in the very early stages.

I also have two short stories plotted, so I’ll be writing them this year.

*If I have the time, I’ll finally get around to revise and edit the only historical novel I ever wrote. It’s set on the Titanic and is the result of the 2014 National Novel Writing Month. It needs a lot of work, though, but I’ll try to fit it in my schedule.

I think that’s all 🙂 2016 looks like it’s going to be a very busy year writing wise!

4 thoughts on “What’s coming in 2016?

  1. am so sad to read that the Whitedell Pride series is ending what will i do without my Keenan fix i love the character but i guess its like all good things must end in time. I just adore your books and get them as soon as they are published and then everyone knows not to interupt me until i have read it

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