Elias cover and excerpt

Book 8 in the Gillham Pack Series will be out tomorrow on http://www.extasybooks.com/Elias/

Remember Elias? He’s Thomas’ son, and in his book he finds out his mate is his father’s oldest friend. I’ll let you imagine how that goes down with Thomas 🙂

Life certainly likes to throw curve balls, but they can lead to unexpected pleasures.

 Elias has a nice life now that Kameron is alpha. He’s in his senior year, his father is happily mated with a man, and Elias can finally be himself without fearing someone might hurt him. What could go wrong?

Blake fled Gillham six years earlier, when he realized his best friend’s son, Elias, was his mate. Elias was only twelve at the time, and their alpha was homophobic. But now Blake is an enforcer, and the council sends him back to Gillham, where he knows he’ll have to face both his best friend, Thomas, and Elias.

Elias realizes Blake is his mate as soon as they meet again. He’s happy about it, even though his father certainly isn’t. Blake and Elias decide to wait until Elias graduates to mate, but between creatures that lurk in the dark and new questionable friends, will they make it to June in one piece?


“Grab your coat.”

Eli didn’t know what Corbin had in mind, but he went to get his coat anyway. He also put on his boots, then he went back to Corbin’s room. The door was open and Corbin was on the phone. He hung up, took a picture of his room, and typed something on the phone.

A few seconds later, two men appeared in Corbin’s bedroom.

Eli didn’t yell, because he knew of Nix and how they shimmered, even though he’d never actually seen anyone do it. It was still weird, although not as weird as one of the guys was. He had pink hair, lots of piercings, and the ugliest orange coat Eli had ever seen. Eli knew his dad wouldn’t want him to hang around anyone with so much metal in his skin.

Eli loved it.

“Corbin!” the other guy yelled. He tried to hug Corbin, but Corbin stepped away and held his hands up. The guy pouted but didn’t insist. He looked around the room instead. “Nice room. It’s still a pity you couldn’t stay with us.”

“No one said I couldn’t,” Corbin replied.

Pink-haired man scoffed. “All Morin’s fault. Sometimes I wish I could dump his ass.”

“No you don’t,” normal-looking guy answered. “You luuurve him. You can’t be without him.”

“Shut up. He’s still an ass.”

“Well, he does have a nice ass. If I wasn’t mated to Jonah and you weren’t my best friend, I might want to tap that.”

“Morin’s ass is mine!”

“I know, I know. I’d never do something like that.”

“Thanks, Poodle.”


“I’m trying new pet names for Morin.”

“And you’re trying them on me?”

“Why not? At least you won’t yell at me because I use pet names for you.”

“Aww, he didn’t mean it. And you got your revenge.”

Pink-haired guy snickered. “He promised he wouldn’t cross me ever again.”

“I wouldn’t either.”

Corbin cleared his throat and they both looked at him. Eli felt a bit overwhelmed by their chatter, and he couldn’t look away from the pink-orange combination, even though it hurt his eyes.

“This is Eli. Eli, these are Keenan and Nysys,” Corbin said.” Nysys is the colorblind one.”

Nysys’ eyes went round. “Did you just make a joke?” He turned to Keenan. “Did he just make a joke?”

“I think he did,” Keenan replied.

“Maybe it was a good idea to have him move here, then.”

“Can’t be bad anyway, not with Dominic being an ass about Corbin not being an enforcer.”

Nysys snorted. “As if he didn’t have enough of those already.”

“I told him, and he said it was a waste of useful resources.”

“I hate when he’s an ass.”

“Me, too. And he doesn’t like it when I point it out to him, so I told him that if he’d just stop being one, I wouldn’t bug him.”

“What did he say?”

“He threatened to fire me. So I told him that if he did, I’d move here and I’d become Kameron’s PA.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did.”

“What did he say?”

 “He growled and gave me a raise.”

“Guys,” Corbin said with a sigh.

Nysys looked at him. “What did you call us for anyway?”

“Eli needs help.”

Nysys and Keenan turned to look at him, and Eli had the terrifying feeling that he was their prey. He stepped backward and his back hit the wall.

“What do you need us to help you with?” Keenan asked.

“We helped a lot of people. You came to the right place,” Nysys added.

“Technically, he didn’t come anywhere. We did,” Keenan pointed out.

Eli gave Corbin a help me glance, but Corbin shook his head and crossed his arms on his chest.

“I, well, I know who my mate is, but I’m only eighteen and he’s a few years older than my dad, and I think he still sees me as the kid he used to play with years ago.”

“Oooh, kinky,” Keenan exclaimed. “Not that I like daddy play, but to each its own.”

“I don’t like daddy play. I just like him, and I don’t care if he’s older than me.”

“Or than your dad,” Nysys not-so-helpfully added.

“Or than my dad.”

“So what, you want us to help you do what?”

“I want to have sex with him.”

“Of course you do. You’re eighteen.”

“Yeah. Anyway, we’ve been interrupted every time we kissed, so we haven’t done anything yet.”

“And your right hand is tiring.”

Eli blushed. He wasn’t exactly used to talking about sex this freely. Jarrett was his best friend, but he was straight and he didn’t want to know about Eli’s almost non-existent sex life. “Yeah,” he muttered.

Nysys rubbed his hands together, looking positively evil. “Oh, baby. You called the right men for the job.”

“Yeah,” Keenan added. “We’re going to take care of you and your mate, you’ll see.”

Suddenly Eli was scared. Very, very scared.

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