#MySexySaturday week #107 Sexy Has It #MSSAuthors #MSS107

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is Sexy Has It. The excerpt is from my upcoming release, Troy. It’s book 12 in the Whitedell Pride Series and will be available on September 1 on http://www.extasybooks.com/Troy/

He stood there for a few seconds, his head lowered, his eyes looking at the carpet, and Emery thought he’d never seen anything more beautiful.

Troy’s skin was milky-white everywhere Emery could see it and dotted with hundreds of small freckles, especially on his shoulders and arms. A few of them were also scattered along his hairless chest and down his flat stomach, and Emery followed them with his gaze until he reached a small line of ginger hair that led down to Troy’s jeans.

Emery’s attention turned to Troy’s face when Troy grunted. He couldn’t see Troy’s expression, but his body was standing ramrod straight, and his fists were balled up at his sides. “Troy?”

Two huge bronze-colored wings exploded from Troy’s back. Emery yelped and fell on his ass, but his gaze never left Troy. He watched as the wings unfolded and as Troy’s body grew, both in height and muscularly. Troy’s lean muscles became hard and bulging. Black claws emerged from the tips of Troy’s fingers and toes, and black talons sprouted on the back of his ankles and on his wrists.

Troy’s breathing was heavy once he was done shifting. He kept his gaze down a while longer, and Emery took the opportunity to get up from the carpet. He felt ridiculously tiny now, and he really was next to Troy in his half-harpy form. Troy was already quite a bit taller than Emery in his human form, but now he probably reached seven feet.

Troy’s head moved and he slowly looked up.

Emery gasped. His mate’s eyes weren’t green anymore but pure black, with no hints of white, not even around the pupils. Those eyes locked with Emery’s gaze, and Emery felt his heart painfully constrict in his chest.


Sometimes you have to make the best with what life gives you, even if it’s something you don’t want.

 Troy has been handed an ugly hand by life. He was kidnapped, his DNA was tinkered with, and he doesn’t know what or who he is anymore. Even if the pride has accepted him without questions, he hides in his room, scared of what he could see in the other peoples’ eyes.

Emery is used to a lonely life. He lost his family years before to the Krsnik wars, and he’s happy to have found new friends within the pride. He’s even happier to find out his mate lives in the mansion, even if Troy makes approaching him difficult.

Troy pushes Emery into mating, scared that Emery will flee once he finds out just how wrong Troy has become. He doesn’t, though, not even when something incredible, something no one could have forecasted, happens. Will they be able to face their unsure future together, or will one of them crumble under the pressure?

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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