#MySexySaturday week #82 Sexy Me Once

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

This week’s #MySexySaturday wasn’t really a theme, and since it was pretty open, I decided to give you guys a peek at Keenan’s book. By now most of you have read Oliver and know about Keenan’s mate and how he leaves the pride, but no worries, they’ll find their way to each other again!

Finn nodded, clearly worried, but then he looked up at Keenan and smiled. “There’s someone downstairs who wants to see you.”

Keenan raised a brow. “Who is it?”

Finn grinned. “Oh, just a certain wolf shifter. He asked me to shimmer back to the pack to pick him up once everything had calmed down.”

Keenan grinned back before heading for the stairs. “Thanks!”

“He’s in the living room!” Finn said loud enough for Keenan to hear, and Keenan accelerated, waving at his friend. He couldn’t believe Jonah was there!

Keenan had to stop himself from running down the stairs, but once he was at the living room’s door, with Jonah standing in front of him, he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He ran to his mate and jumped into Jonah’s arms.

Jonah opened them for him, gathering him against his chest as Keenan wounded his legs around Jonah’s waist and his arms around his shoulders. Their lips met without Keenan even thinking about it, as if they had a mind of their own, and then nothing existed for Keenan except for him and Jonah.

The first  books in the Whitedell Pride Series are available on Amazon and on Extasy Books.


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