snippet #7

Nolan is nearly here! Just a handful of hours to wait until he’s out 🙂 So this is the last snippet, but it’s not the only thing I have to tell you.

I’m participating in two giveaways right now. The first one ends on Wednesday, and you can win two copies of Jamie and two copies of Derick.

The second one is a Christmas giveaway, running from now until December 23, and I’m giving away one copy of Jamie and one of Derick. I’m not the only author participating, though, and there are 12 books for grabs, so give it a try!

I also wrote a guest post for the blog it’s hosted on, and I want to thank Bronwyn Heeley for having me 🙂 There you cam find the first scene of Nolan.

And now, last snippet! I just realized now that Derick is just about in all the snippets I chose from Nolan… I just love him!


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