#MySexySaturday week #70 Historical romance

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!


This week’s #MySexySaturday ‘s theme is historical romance. Those of you who have read my books know that I write paranormal romance, so nothing historical there. I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate this week for that reason, but then I thought, hey, I do have an historical romance around!

It’s the book I just finished for NaNoWriMo. It’s an historical gay romance that revolves around the Titanic and its tragedy. It’s a first draft and not edited yet, but it’ll still give you an idea.

In short, Leo and Edward meet in London ans sleep together, thinking they won’t see each other again, but the next day they find themselves on the Titanic. Edward is a first class passenger while Leo is in third class, and they had to work around that and against their insecurities, and decide if they want to be together or at least give it a try.

Leo could see the clerk wanted to object again, but Edward obviously would win this. He was the one with money and probably power, although Leo didn’t know who he was exactly. Well, he had heard that name once or twice, but he didn’t really pay attention to people that were so far out of his range. He couldn’t help but wonder why Edward was doing this, though. He probably just wanted to have sex again, but that wouldn’t be a good enough reason to have Leo move in first class, spending a lot of money on him.

Leo watched as the two men silently had a battle with their eyes, and he wasn’t surprised when Edward won. “Of course, Mr. Bennett Jacobs. As you wish.”

Edward waved him away. “You can go now.”

The clerk left them, clearly not happy with his job, and as Edward closed the door, Leo finally looked around the room. He hadn’t expected anything less than what he saw from Edward and from the Titanic’s first class.

It was a long shot from his own bunk bed in his third class cabin. When he had entered the room, he had counted two doors on his left, one in the hallway, the other one in the bedroom. One of them probably led to a private bathroom but he didn’t know about the other one.

The bedroom was big, at least next to a third class cabin. The bed was on the left side, next to yet another door. In front of Leo was a couch and a small table with on the left a cabinet and a table with a chair in front of it. The walls had a checkered wallpaper and wooden definitions, the carpet looked soft and the bed very comfortable. Still, Leo felt a bit of unease.

He stood there, at the entrance of the room, and waited for Edward to say something. The man’s eyes were riveted on Leo, but Leo couldn’t understand what Edward was thinking. “So, you’re on the ship too, uh?”

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