#MySexySaturday week #63

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

It’s Saturday again! This week’s theme is another sexy moment. I have plenty of those in the books I’ve already written, and I didn’t want to limit myself to the only book that’s already been published, so this week I chose and excerpt from Oliver, the sixth book in the Whitedell Pride Series. It should be out on March 1, so if you like the excerpt, you know when you’ll be able to read the whole book.


Oliver’s cheeks flushed and Sebastian sent the image to memory. It wasn’t something he had seen often, Oliver was too confident for that.
“I won’t break, Seb. I’m fine now, and I want you.” Oliver was still cradling Sebastian’s head in his hands, the gesture speaking of how much he cared for Sebastian.
Sebastian used his shifter speed to swing on the table and sit on the edge of it, his legs dangling down as he pulled Oliver to his chest. He fitted between Sebastian’s legs as if he had been made for him, and maybe it was exactly like that. Sebastian hooked his legs behind Oliver’s knees and pulled him even closer, Oliver’s arms ending up around his neck as Sebastian took his mate’s face in his hands.
He didn’t hesitate, not anymore. Sebastian took what Oliver freely offered, crushing their lips together and snaking his tongue into the moist heat of Oliver’s mouth. Their tongues tangled and stroked, their mouths sucked and nipped as their breaths became ragged.
Sebastian secured his fingers into Oliver’s hair as the man pressed closer still, and it reminded him that he was naked. He could feel Oliver’s jeans against his cock, the rough fabric strangely stimulating as their erections ground together.
Sebastian didn’t know how far Oliver wanted to go, and he didn’t want their first time to be on an operating table in the infirmary with hurt shifters right next door, but Oliver seemed to have his own ideas.
When their mouths separated, Oliver fell on his knees, startling Sebastian. “Babe, you don’t have to—”

So, what do you think happens next? Curious?





Jamie, the first book in the Whitedell Pride Series, is available at Extasy Books.

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